We breed Bruna del Pirineus cattle (100% organic beef)

There have been cows in Casa Masover since time immemorial. Until 1992 we had Bruna dels Pirineus and Friesian dairy cows, but since then we have focused on the Bruna dels Pirineus ecological breeding. Right now you can try our organic meat in our restaurant. You can also buy some and enjoy it at your home.

The farm counts with 65 mothers that eat grass from the mountains all year round: in summer from the Llevata Mountain, during good weather in the Manyanet Valley pastures, and in winter we feed them with the grass harvested in spring.
If you come to our house we will encourage you to join us early in the morning to see how the cows are fed and milked, or maybe even milk one yourself, or to simply enjoy the animals as much as we do.

For any other enquiry please contact us:

+34 973 661 700 +34 659 602 441


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