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Short excursions or routes
on horseback:

One-hour and two-hour excursions are most common and advisable for riders of all abilities.

1 h: 30 € / 2 h: 45 €

Medium excursions or routes
on horseback:

Day or half-day rides are suitable for all those who would like to experience a greater contact on horse.

1/2 day: 60 € / 1 day: 110 €

Long excursions or routes
on horseback:

The rides on horseback of two or more days are ideal for horse enthusiasts with some experience and physical training. The route difficulty can be adjusted to the group level.

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Horseback rides for school groups:
These are 50-minute rides following
the paths around Buira.

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Horseback rides for the youngest:
This is a ride on horseback around the riding centre, exclusively for children accompanied on foot by their parents.

15 €

Excursions or routes on horseback customized to organized groups:
The Vall de Manyanet horse-riding centre in Buira also tailors horse riding activities to the requirements of a group.
Contact us if you would like to suggest any activities.

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Weekend or holiday horse board and box stall rental

If you like travelling with your horse, you and your animal are welcome to come
and enjoy our valley at weekends or during your holidays.

11 €/day

All our horse riding activities and routes are available all year round and take place in the natural environment of the Manyanet Valley. They are suitable for everyone.
The Vall de Manyanet Horse-Riding Centre fulfils all the requirements established in the decree on the natural environment sports activities.
Payment for all the activities must be made in cash.
The price includes the VAT, civil liability and accident insurance, instructors and the required equipment.

Please ask about our special weekend offers.

For any other enquiry please contact us:

+34 973 661 700 +34 659 602 441


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